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We help a wide variety of businesses to solve a common problem: Attract More Local Customers.

We take time to understand what your primary challenges are, and to either provide or recommend ways to accomplish those goals.

Find Me:


A motivated customer cannot buy from you if they can’t find you, no matter what else you do.

How easy is it for potential customers to find you? We perform a thorough audit of your visibility and identify where you’re missing opportunity. Sometimes that’s as simple as repairing your business identity on the primary search, social and directory sites. Other times, it may include precisely targeted visibility campaigns to put your name in front of people who are near your business or have visited your website.

Know Me:

business-planning-guide Have you ever looked at a business and wondered what they do? Sure you have. We all have. I’d bet that you didn’t become their customer right away.

Once we make sure that your visibility is well underway, we work to make sure that the people who see you will understand what you do, and how you can help them. We make sure that your message is crystal clear to your prospective customers. It sounds simple, but many businesses struggle because their customers don’t understand what makes that business the best choice.

Trust Me:


Trust is the foundation of every significant decision. Earning trust never happens by accident.

We design an actionable plan to build trust with your customers by making sure that your message hits the emotional triggers that create great trust. A few years ago, my wife’s car needed to be towed to a service station. The told the tow truck driver that she wanted to go to the national chain where she regularly has service. He politely recommended that an independent shop in the same neighborhood does much better work at much lower rates. My very skeptical wife asked me to look online to see what other customers had to say. The reviews confirmed the driver’s advice, and the independent shop won a loyal customer.

We provide a system that makes it easy for your happy, regular customers to say nice things about your business where prospective customers are likely to look.

Remind Me:

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Bringing customers back is the ONLY way to build a sustainable business. We provide the tools so that you can have a repeatable system to bring your customers back in with regularity.

A customer retention system will do more for your business’s bottom line than any other single step you can take.