I’ll share with you some of the tools that I use. Please note that some of the links may be affiliate links where I receive a commission if you purchase. However, all of the tools mentioned are ones that I personally use and would recommend without compensation.


You know how scheduling a call or meeting often ends with both of you checking your schedules to coordinate a convenient time? Well, I NEVER do that anymore. I send a link to my online calendar and say, “Grab a spot on my calendar that’s convenient for you.” This saves me countless hours and much frustration coordinating calls. It gives me total control over how many open appointments I have so it never looks like I’m not busy.
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Webinars are the best way to hold online conferences, and for years I’ve been a customer of GoToWebinar. Google Hangouts make the webinar so much easier because there are no downloads and they are super easy to use. The only problem is that Google Hangouts don’t have the scheduling, reminders, landing pages, and other tools that are necessary to engage your audience. WebinarJam is a remarkable tool that adds all of the features that Google Hangouts is missing. It’s a tiny fraction of the cost of GoToWebinar, and it’s my new tool for all online meetings.
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MP3 Skype Recorder

I record my podcasts using Skype and MP3 Skype Recorder. It’s a great tool for recording each caller in separate tracks so that you can independently adjust audio. Plus, it’s free!



Auphonic is a fantastic service that automatically cleans and processes audio files removing background hiss, pops, and other annoying sounds. It’s a free service and I run all podcast recordings through it. It will help any podcast sound better.