Greg Rollett

CM23 How regular people create celebrity level branding

SNAG-0034I was feeling really unsettled, because my career was about to make a major change, and I had no idea what direction it would take. I knew that leaving the Yellow Pages world, where I was well known and established was going to require me to build professional credibility in a new field.

I’ve always admired people who blow past the generalists, and I love trying to find out how they do it.

I tracked down Greg Rollett, who works at the Celebrity Branding Agency and The Product Pros and is an absolute master at helping professionals establish “celebrity status”. ¬†You’re going to love his energy and how regular people can establish uncommon positioning.

SNAG-0036The Celebrity Branding Agency produces books, videos, cds, and helps their clients with their marketing.

I love that they are aligned with Dan Kennedy, one of my favorite marketers, and how they implement Dan’s ideas for their clients.

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