The easiest way to get non-salespeople to sell

This year, I’ve trained a few dozen non-salespeople how to get people to take action.

My health care evangelists are no different than anyone else who needs to persuade but doesn’t want to be pushy. My team is mostly made up of mission-driven, recent graduates who choose meaningful work over big paychecks.

It’s hard getting senior citizens to take action.

Newton’s first law states that a body at rest stays at rest, unless the batteries in the remote go out.

Seniors are pretty risk averse.

The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

Even the Internet didn’t become popular until a few pioneering scientists showed that it was useful to view pictures of naked people.

We like seeing others take the first step.

When our prospects see current patients enjoying themselves and talking about their experiences, much of the fear melts away.

One of our most effective tools is a book of testimonials showing smiling seniors telling their stories of our care teams.

If you need to persuade others, try using testimonials. Make them easy to digest in videos, photos, and concise text. Always get written approval from anyone giving you a testimonial.

Non-salespeople can share testimonials without feeling like they’re being pushy.


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