3 tough interview questions everyone must pass before I hire them

Every business needs sales, and I make my living from recruiting and developing salespeople.

I’ve hired winners, losers, rain makers, and boozers.

It’s not just who you hire, but how you develop them once they’re on board.

In 9 months, we’ve built a 32 person outreach team. We screened 300+ applicants in the process. We must double the team in 5 months, so hiring and developing is on my mind.

Only 8 of my employees had previous professional sales experience. The rest mostly came from doing missionary work, recently completed grad school, or they worked in healthcare.

They have to pass three questions to get hired.

The first question I silently ask myself.

“Would I trust this person to take care of my grandmother?”

I learned the second question from Chad Campbell, a former sales manager of mine.

“What was your proudest high school accomplishment?”

I love that question because no one prepares for it. I see them think on their feet. The answer matters because success leaves clues from an early age.

The third question reveals character.

“What did you do to prepare for this interview?”

I’d love to know how you interview. Leave your comment on my blog.

  1. Patricia RaymondDecember 9,14

    Great questions; I’e noted them for later hiring decisions! My favorite question is: “What are you passionate about?” I don’t care if it’s golden retriever rescue (one employee) or crafting (another), or your kids; I don’t wish to hire drones who come to work, go home and spend the evening in front of the TV.I want someone who gets that sparkle in their eye as they speak about something that matters to them. The folks without passion scramble to answer the question in a way they THINK will work for me (“I’m passionate about Gastroenterology” is hard to carry off!). Hire the passionate!

    • Dick LarkinDecember 22,14

      Love it! You’re right on about passion. Thanks Patricia!

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