Roy H Williams Austin

The Wizard of Ads Spills his guts

Roy H. Williams is a two-time New York Times best selling author of the Wizard of Ads and the founder of Wizard Academy in Austin, Texas.

He’s the publisher of the Monday Morning Memo, a weekly insight into marketing and psychology.

He has dedicated his career and considerable talents to helping David defeat Goliath, working with the smaller companies being much smarter about how they craft their message.

Roy’s assertion is that your message is far more important than targeting your audience.

He challenges conventional wisdom saying that you don’t need to find your unique selling proposition. But you’ve got to establish a definable, marketable, point of differentiation that matters to your customer.

This single biggest challenge today is the search for repetition. The splintering of media makes it very difficult to buy repetition. Therefore, we have to get the message driven home with greater impact.

Find or create an offer worth delivering and deliver it with great impact.

Say it so simply with such impact that it doesn’t need to be repeated.

Make an offer worth hearing.

The biggest lie ever told is that you need to reach the right people. Having spend a billion dollars of his client’s money in advertising has proven that what you say is vastly more important than who you say it to.


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