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Matt Coen of Second Street shares secrets of running contests and promotions

matt-coen-final-hsMatt Coen, co-founder of Second Street shares his immense insights into running promotions.

Second Street operates behind the scenes of many of the top newspaper, television, radio, and online media sites running contests that engage readers and users.






Long before Groupon came around, Second Street was building the deal space methodically and systematically.

Matt is a genuinely nice guy and leads a dedicated team that has exceptionally high customer retention among the media companies.

One of the most important questions to ask is “How much am I willing to spend to add a new customer?”

Once you understand the value of a new customer, you can effectively use deals, incentives, and contests.

“What are your upsell opportunities?” He uses a great example of a golf course that can offer a deep discount on a round of golf, knowing that they will have many upsell opportunities such as boosting traffic during slow periods, cart rentals, additional players, food, beverage, and pro shop sales.

Second Street helps companies to┬áplay withing Facebook’s rules of running promotions.

Readers’ Choice and Best of promotions can be run simply and easily and generate viral publicity in the process.


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