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CM019 Media Exec dumps industry to open fifties style diner

Steve and Lynn Boucher were very successful executives in the local media business and they chucked everything to move to Remsen, NY (population 2,000) to open a fifties style diner.

soda fountainSteve shares his secrets to success in hiring and managing salespeople and how he transitioned into the life of a small business owner.

He details the decision process of deciding not to buy a franchise and to create their own brand. Check out their website: The Soda Fountain in Remsen, NY

They approached the restaurant business from the marketing and management standpoint rather than from the kitchen.

He talks about how little things such as having a staff member take an umbrella out to cars on rainy days to keep their patrons dry.

He reminds me of my father, uncle, and grandfather who cherished every customer and bent over backwards to keep them happy.

Here’s a great shot of Steve and his daughter, Sydney cheering on Remsen native, Erin Hamlin during the Sochi Olympics.

steve boucher

Steve is a true delight, and he is reminiscent of Al from Happy Days. But Steve is an incredibly savvy businessman.

He is extremely grounded and has his priorities in the right place. Family first, everything else second.

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