Lalin and Michelle Sielman-Jinasena

CM010 Elephanti app finds inventory in brick & mortar


Lalin Jinasena

In today’s interview, Lalin Jinasena, founder of Elephanti talks aboutĀ attacking the massive challenge of helping brick & mortar stores use the mobile web to help customers find what you have to sell.

There have been many companies that have made the attempt to gain traction in this arena, but Lalin is going about it with a grass roots approach in a few cities.

They have more than 7,000 merchants providing real-time inventory feeds so that the app is continually refreshed.


Rather than focusing on one neighborhood or city the way that Yelp focused on mastering San Francisco before expanding, Elephanti are spreading themselves over a very wide area without geographic boundaries.

Several years ago, a shopping service, Milo attempted a similar approach. That was long before the mobile web evolved into its current format.

Elephanti is free to merchants and consumers for now. It’s a slick approach to managing massive amounts of relatively unstructured data.

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