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CM008 How a Former Yellow Pages Rep Uses Insider Knowledge to Exploit Weakness to His Clients’ Advantage

I first met Steve Sipress when he was an outside sales rep working for Dex/AT&T in the Chicago market.

When I asked him to tell me how he sells Yellow Pages advertising against the firm where I was working, he was incredibly candid about being completely unconventional.steve sipress 1

My guess was that he caused serious heartburn for the Dex management because the first thing he did was to show me how he found discrepancies in the pricing structure that he used to give his clients three times more advertising for the money.

This upset pretty much everyone but his clients.

Steve left Dex not long after that and opened Chicagoland’s Sharpest Entrepreneurs, a marketing organization in conjunction with Dan Kennedy (arguably the best direct mail marketer of our generation) & Bill Glazer (a remarkable marketer in his own right).

In this conversation, Steve shares his thoughts and approaches that transform quiet businesses into marketing machines.

He’s an absolute hoot. Listen in.

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