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How I built an $8 million text marketing business (and you can too)

Master HigginsOn my first business trip to Las Vegas, I worked for Nintendo’s first licensee at the Consumer Electronics Show. The entire video game industry fit in a single tent in the parking lot of the Las Vegas Convention Center between car alarms and low rider stereos that vibrated my eyeballs out of their sockets.

Forward thinking retail buyers crowded into our booths to glimpse the next big release. The industry grew as the games improved. Retail distribution skyrocketed as we added retailers like Walmart and Target.

The game companies that survived the last 20 years were all incredibly focused on delivering a great customer experience.

Last week in Las Vegas, I delivered a presentation to several hundred newspaper executives on the importance of building a mobile marketing business.  The room was completely packed, and it encouraged me because these local media executives were there to improve their customer experience.

There are few businesses that require the dedication and perseverance of local newspapers.  Newsmen and women are a special breed of professional, and I am excited to see the local news industry on a positive upswing.

Here are the slides to the presentation:

Larkin-Monetizing Mobile – An $8 Million Case Study

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