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CM007 Todd Handy on the Deseret Digital Media Phenomenon

todd-handy headshotFew media companies have successfully embraced digital the way that Deseret Digital Media has done, and Todd Handy is leading the charge.  Like a true leader, Todd is quick to share credit for Deseret’s success.

As a side note, Todd was riding a bike a few years ago when he was nearly killed by being hit by a jeep.  That accident actually saved Todd’s life because the doctor noticed a problem that needed immediate attention. Here are two articles relating to his personal journey. KSL and Standard Examiner.

The business angle here is that Deseret is a multi-dimensional media company with television, newspapers, and radio stations that has successfully embraced many digital approaches in order to serve their public and their advertisers.

Frankly, I can’t cite a single stronger example of success.


Click Image to read about Todd’s journey.


Find more information about Todd’s life saving accident at:


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