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CM006 What’s REALLY Working in Local Media – Mike Blinder

Mike Blinder helps more small businesses make their local online advertising work than just about anyone else in the country.

Mike Blinder

Mike Blinder

He puts on educational seminars for newspaper companies, radio stations, yellow pages publishers, and local advertising agencies that educate small business advertisers. He helps them understand exactly what tools will bring in the most customers.

Mike’s company, The Blinder Group has helped dozens of media companies bridge traditional media and digital media. He’s also one of the best sales trainers I’ve ever seen.

Here are a few gems from this discussion.

  • How to sell in a seminar setting
  • What type of digital advertising has him the most excited about delivering local customers, and why.
  • Why Daily Deals still work for certain types of non-traditional businesses and how to do it correctly.
  • The best location to train your sales reps.
  • The FIRST THING you need to know before you sell ANYTHING

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