CM004 Gerry Oginski Shows Attorneys How to Market with Video

Gerry Oginski is a New York trial attorney who learned how to market his solo practice using online video.oginski-2

From the humble beginnings he describes, Gerry has gone on to help many attorneys market their practices with a very systematic approach that creates unique, valuable content and to distribute it through a variety of channels.

In my opinion, he’s doing more for marketing the legal profession than any other marketer because he uses technology to share authenticity and build credibility.

It’s not about slapping up television-style commercials that you’ll see the legal hucksters using.  Gerry focuses on building high quality information that will be valuable to people who are searching for a professional that can help them.

  1. Jeff JudgeFebruary 13,14

    Nice episode Dick and Gerry, I really enjoyed listening to it.

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