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CM003 Where SMBs Plan to Spend Advertising Dollars This Year

Gordon Borrell & Greg Harmon of Borrell Associates share intricate details from their annual survey.Borrell_Logo2-300x252

On average, small and medium sides businesses report that they intend to INCREASE their advertising dollars by 10% over 2013.

They are very optimistic.

Newspapers are losing traction with SMBs at a concerning rate.

Digital spending is rising significantly. From 15% of ad spend is up to 19%.  Still a small slice of the total ad spend.

Facebook rules where SMBs spend their digital advertising dollars.

85% of SMBs say that mobile is important, but only 19% are actually doing it.  So if you sell to SMBs, there’s pent up demand for a high quality service.

Deals are languishing. Groupon and Living Social losing support from businesses that have tried the service.

Showrooming is not a big concern to SMBs. Below is a link to the survey results.

Borrell_SMB Survey December 2013 Summary 12 05 2013-1


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