Which two are you?

This sign is the essence of positioning.  Regardless of your business or profession, your positioning will likely find its mark with you pick two of these and take them to the extreme.

Many successful companies pick one of these and push it to the extreme, and then they pick another one to play a close second, and the third one falls away.

The example that comes to mind is Jimmy John’s, a fast food sandwich franchise.  Their positioning emphasizes the “Freaky Fast” service or delivery.  When you go to Jimmy John’s, they somehow make the sandwich before your finished ordering it.

I’d guess that their second positioning is price, even though they talk about quality.  Their sandwiches are pretty good, but they’re nowhere near the best sandwiches on the market.

Taco Bell emphasizes price, and they’ve staked out the “most calories per penny” positioning.

Panera Bread puts much heavier emphasis on food quality, and they charge more and take longer than the others.

Where companies and professionals get into trouble is either picking the wrong thing to emphasize, or by not picking any.

For example, you wouldn’t necessarily want a doctor that promises the world’s freaky fastest vasectomy.

Make a decision, and be the best at it.

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