Real Facebook Bait

Jake Edwards sent me this photo of a tub of fishing worms with a “Follow us on Facebook” logo.

He sent it because he thought that it was ridiculous that a bait company wants to be followed on social media.

So I checked out their Facebook page expecting to find a forlorn and barren wasteland.

I was surprised to see that this bait company had 821 people following their page.

Maybe I’m the worm.

Then I read a little about the company on their profile, and they claim to be Walmart’s supplier of the year and selling more than 20 million worms annually.  If they have a customer base that large, 821 followers is but a tadpole floundering in the social media ocean.

Their Facebook page shows regular activity.  Someone is occasionally posting clever sayings such as

“Calling Fishing a Hobby is like Calling Brain Surgery a Job”

Cute, but does it sell worms?  I doubt it.

I’m not a fisherman, but I think the thing that sells worms is having fresh ones in the places that fishermen buy worms.

The effort put into building and maintaining a social media presence would probably result in more worm sales if that person was charged with finding two more distribution outlets.

This is the conundrum that many businesses face regarding social media.  Attention, Likes, Friends, and Followers do not equate to Sales.

Clearly, someone at DMF is doing a fantastic job if they’re selling 20 million worms annually.  That’s exactly 20 million more than I sold.

But if they’re looking to raise the number of worm sales, their focus might be better spent putting the freshest worms where the fish are biting.

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