Lisa is Magic

Lisa is one of my publisher’s representatives.

Her job is to help businesses in small towns by advertising their products and services in our community directories and service guides

To the uninformed, Lisa sells advertising, but don’t be deceived.

She is magic.

I don’t mean that she HAS phoney Harry Potter magic

Lisa IS magic because she creates money.

I don’t mean that she prints money like our President who has confused printing with producing.

Lisa creates REAL money out of thin air.

And she does it through conversation.

It goes like this.

Lisa identifies a man sandblasting a wall.

For lack of a better name, let’s call him Master Blaster.

She stops and has a conversation with him.

Lisa determines that Master Blaster wants more business, so she

1. designs an ad

2. sells said ad to Master Blaster who

3. pays Lisa

The community directory is then published and mailed to every family and business in the small town.  Master Blaster is promoted in print, online, and on mobile phones.

Throughout the following year, people needing sandblasting services find Master Blaster because of Lisa’s work.

– Master Blaster makes money from his ads.

– The members of the community make money because they were able to purchase a necessary service from a local provider who might otherwise been difficult to locate.

– Lisa is paid a commission for her work.

– The publishing company earns a profit.

So where did the money come from?

Lisa created it out of thin air when she had her conversation with Master Blaster.

She is magic.

And everybody wins.

The end.

ps. are you magic?

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