Text marketing is a great alternative to Groupon

Ultimate Health and Fitness in Sandwich, IL is having a blast with their text marketing program!

Julie the owner sent out her first text yesterday (after making a bet with her daughter on how fast the response would be) for $45 off a package of 10 personal training sessions for the first person that came in with payment.

Her response ended up being so good yesterday that today she did it again!

Today she sent out 2 messages for $100 off a package of 10 training sessions for the first person that came in with payment.

She told me “I couldn’t even get up from my computer chair before my phone started ringing! It was literally as soon as I clicked send, and I am not talking about minutes, I am talking about seconds!”

How cool is this?

She booked 3 clients for training packages, and all 3 training packages were with her personal trainers that were struggling for clients. This is a great example of how instant and effective text marketing really is!

There is no way for a small fitness business to utilize a deal of the day company such as Groupon or Living Social.  Instead, the small business can drive meaningful, measurable, and immediate business using text marketing that is targeted and controllable.

If you’d like to know how text marketing can help you grow immediately, give us a call or drop us a line.

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