A quick tip for beauty salons using text marketing

salon text marketingWe’ve been carefully watching our beauty salon clients using our text marketing services and we’ve noticed a couple of very important items.

Give a Gift for Subscribing

When you offer a free gift as an instant reward for subscribing, you get many more subscribers.


Here’s the interesting thing.  The free gift can be something that you might give away anyway such as the product samples you get from your distributor.  All of the salons we work with have a supply of samples that they give out to customers.

If you tie the free sample to subscribing to the text list, you increase the value of the sample because your client just gave something in exchange for it AND you get permission to send offers to the person who is most likely to appreciate them.

Make your offers meaningful

When you send a text message to clients, it’s like you’re sending a present.  You want your customers to be excited to receive it, because it is going to be valuable and rewarding.

The last thing you want to be is the text marketing equivalent of your great aunt whose gifts are the dollar store religious candles.  You can’t force yourself to get excited about receiving them, and they lose all impact.

The best win-win example we’ve seen is a salon that text out 50% off specials when they have blocks of open time.

ABC Salon: Cheri & Denise are open this afternoon.  50% off today 1-7 PM

Use Facebook to build followers

There is an amazing boost in subscribers and redemptions when salons use their Facebook connections to join their list.  We’re talking 100% jumps or more.

Seriously, keep posting on Facebook, and turn on our feature that posts your specials to your fan page and twitter feed automatically.

If you’re considering using text marketing for your business, or just want some fantastic ideas, give us a ring.

Call Malori at (815) 756-2840 x4666.    She’s a wiz at helping our clients grow their list and market effectively.

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