Text Marketing for Local Businesses and Organizations

text couponsWhat is Text Marketing?

Text Marketing is when a business, school, or organization sends commercial messages to groups of people.  It’s sometimes called bulk texting and commercial text messaging.

How is Text Marketing different than regular texting?

When you send text messages to more than a few people as you would form your mobile phone, the expectations of the recipients, and the rules by the mobile phone carriers are different.  Text Marketing is usually sent from a computer through a system that works with the mobile carriers to ensure that people receiving texts are respected and not spammed.

How is Text Marketing different than bulk email?

In many ways they are similar, except that texting is much more personal and controlled.  Sending commercial messages to an individual’s mobile phone is a very personal endeavor, and the standards for respect are much, much higher.  Messages are shorter, they are read instantly, and they enter the private space of the person receiving them.

How do you get started in Text Marketing?

Work with someone who is already being successful.  Find out the mistakes they made, and what they’ve learned.  If you don’t know anybody who is successfully marketing a small business with Text Marketing, then you should call me.  My personal line is (312) 361-0944.  If you don’t like calling, my email is Dick.Larkin [at] HomePagesDirectories [dot] com.  I’ll help you decide if Text Marketing is right for you.

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