How to get 10 times more customers on your text list

girls texting for discountsI’m working with a rapidly growing number of small businesses on their text marketing programs.  The real life lessons have been very eye-opening.

Today’s lesson:

To get 10 times more people on your text list, give them an immediate reward for joining.

The reason you want more customers on your list is because they are the most likely to respond to your special offers.  The bigger your list, the more powerful your text marketing.

We tested 20 merchants to see how quickly they could get customers to subscribe to receive SMS messages from the merchant.  In all cases, the text subscriptions were offered to people who were already in the store, or who were current customers.

In every case, giving a very specific gift for subscribing results in 10 times more people subscribing compared to offering the vague “to receive special offers” or “join our VIP club” incentives.

Jalapeno Nacho offers a free taco for subscribing.  Guess what?  They get tons of subscribers.

The Lincoln Inn offers a free cookie or brownie for subscribing.

Several salons offer free samples of conditioners (that the salon receives for free from the manufacturer).

A tanning salon offers a free tan for subscribing.

So to build a list, offer a low cost, but appreciated instant reward to every person who subscribes.

As a safety measure, merchants can ensure that an individual phone may only subscribe once, thus eliminating abuse.

How cool is that?

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