How to market a bowling alley using text messaging

I went over ten years without bowling a single frame.  Then we went once with some friends, and in the next six months, we bowled three more times.   Getting us thinking about bowling generated several repeat visits.

One of our clients for our text marketing service is a large bowling and entertainment center.

They’ve been adding people to their text messaging list steadily, and they’re being very thoughtful about the offers they’re sending.

Here’s a quick lesson when it comes to impulse couponing such as text messaging or email or Facebook offers.

Use your down time to offer great deals.

This bowling alley typically dies down after 10 PM on Friday and Saturday nights.  So they sent a text message to their subscribers that read

Free bowling after 10 PM Fri & Sat (2 games per person)

See, giving away free bowling during otherwise dead times is smart.  Really smart. because those empty lanes don’t buy beer, pizza, shoe rentals, video games, etc.  And the people who come in for the free game are more likely to come back again a few times and maybe even join a league.

Bowling lanes are like hotel rooms.  They are perishable inventory, never to be regained.

So here’s the lesson.

Look at what you might be able to give that would go unused.

Give it away in a manner that will make it more likely that the person getting it will come back.

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