Val-Pak's Winning Strategy

Not Jim Sampey

Jim Sampey, COO, Cox Target Media (not pictured here) speaking about Val-Pak’s digital future at ILM10

I’ve bullet-pointed his comments.

Highly automated printing facility.  “Nobody at Val-Pak touches a piece of paper.  It’s all robotic and totally automated”

800 sales reps

It’s all about Return on Investment for the advertiser.

Daily deals is about customer acquisition

We want to focus on the product suite

Start with the print product (solo and marriage mail) has been on the “Get Rich Slow” model since 1996

We want to syndicate and added 110 distribution partners to syndicate coupons

Dabbling in the social media with a Facebook coupon app.  Treading lightly.

On all five major mobile platforms with ValPak

SMS Texting is extending the print product for a simple way to move from print to digital. Spoon feeding our reps.

Considering changing the blue envelope to email.  Wasn’t overwhelmingly embraced by the conference audience.

Daily Deal space makes sense.  Testing in several markets.

We’re looking at QR codes.

Big opportunity with loyalty programs and gift cards.

This really IS Jim Sampey

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