The REAL reasons businesses fail

is because they don’t sell enough, fast enough to cover their overhead.

That’s it.

The answer to almost every business problem is to sell more, faster.

Should I buy that new truck, hire that intern, expand into a new market, build that website?

Will it help me sell more, faster?

That’s why sales people are the most valuable asset of most companies.

  1. Chuck MastersonDecember 6,10

    It’s actually the owner who has enough control over the company to POTENTIALLY be the most valuable. The reason most businesses fail is that the owners fail to understand that they, themselves are fully responsible for marketing the businesses products or services. Too often, they waste all the energy/time they have on day-to-day running of the business when they should be searching for needs, finding what works best, finding new sources of revenue, and figuring out how to “brain-wash” the current customers into being amazed and returning over and over again. Have you ever walked into a local store and the employees didn’t notice you? It’s because the Captain Of The Ship is asleep at the wheel.

  2. John BurryDecember 7,10

    Hats off to the salespeople!!! It seems that a lot of companies are spending a ton of time and money on altering/expanding product lines and changing business models that have been around forever… still the revenues continue to decline and the layoffs are quick to follow. Sometimes change is a bad thing and sometimes it is a good thing… but a sales force with strong oversight and direction is a GREAT THING!

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