The landscaper's text marketing opportunity

With the launch of our text marketing program, I was coaching a group of our sales reps on ways that small businesses could benefit from building an opt-in text marketing list.

Let’s take the example of Farnsworth Landscape and Garden, a typical small business landscaping company that does minor tree service, landscaping, lawn maintenance, and snow removal.

Landscaper text marketing

Farnsworth is typical of our small business advertisers.

Let’s say that Farnsworth encourages customers and prospective customers to opt-in to his text marketing list by texting a code into his phone number.  He might offer a coupon, offer a free quote, or a premium incentive such as a complimentary plant.

His goal is to build his list with high potential, local prospects who agree to receive occasional messages from him in exchange for one of the benefits I listed above.

Farnsworth does not like discounting, so his messages are all about customer convenience.

As I write this, my front yard is covered in leaves.  A great message this week from Farnsworth might be

Farnsworth Landscaping: We’ll rake your leaves and come back each week until they’re all gone. Call today (123) 456-7890

That message sent to high probability customers would be very much appreciated.

The week of Thanksgiving, his message might be:

Farnsworth Landscaping: Free Delivery of Christmas Trees this Sat & Sun. 8′ or 10′ : Blue Spruce or Douglas Fir Call today (123) 456-7890

When the snow starts falling:

Farnsworth Landscaping: Let us plow your driveway or parking lot every time it snows.  Call today (123) 456-7890

You get the picture.  A simple text marketing program that is incredibly inexpensive allows a business to reach customers with a highly targeted message at the precise moment they’re most likely to take action.

If you’d like more information about how text marketing could transform your business, give me a call.  I love helping smart business people grow.

Dick Larkin

(312) 361-0944

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