Really Fun Contests

thousand dollar bill

Keeping business fun is a great way to keep it profitable.

Everybody loves taking time off, so we’re running a company-wide incentive to give all 350 people the Friday before Memorial Day off so they can enjoy a four day weekend.

It’s one of the things I love about working at American Marketing & Publishing.

If we achieve our monthly revenue goal early, we’ll all enjoy a well-deserved end of summer weekend.

It’s a company-wide goal, so we all win, or nobody wins.


We’re having the people in the office adopt three sales reps to provide encouragement, cheering, and moral support toward the team goal.

Put Grover Cleveland in your Pocket

As a sweetener, we’re having a drawing next Monday for every rep that hits their weekly number this week.  Everyone over the goal gets a ticket into a drawing for $1,000.

The first two days of August are off to a great start.  I love being around sales teams that are feeling victorious.

  1. theCommandoAugust 8,10

    Quick update. Biggest first week of the month in our company's 13 year history. No gimmicks. Just about 300 ferociously committed individuals striving to be the best local publisher ever.

    This does not suck.

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