This isn't a "thinking" thing . . .

This week, Deborah and I picked up the kid from the wilderness camp where she spent the summer.

As part of the final program, they allowed willing adults to face their fears by climbing to the top of a 45′ telephone pole, balancing on a wobbly, dinner plate sized disk, and leaping off.

We were supported with a safety harness, so there was no real risk.

While I watched others ahead of me struggle with getting on top of the disk (which was intentionally VERY wobbly), the instructor shouted to one person that this wasn’t a thinking thing, it was a doing thing.

When it was my turn, I vowed not to think, but to focus on action.

It was great advice.

Although I have a mild fear of heights, I didn’t have time to become afraid.  I scrambled to the top so quickly that I was accused of being a telephone lineman.

The leap into space was exhilarating.

Fear is rarely defeated by thought.  It is defeated by action.

Decisive action.

So what fear are you waiting to defeat?

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