Soda Jerk, Burger Flipper, Barista

loopt_logo I was reading an article on Media Post about new location based games by loopt where participants can earn status as “Honorary Barista” by checking in often enough at Starbucks.

I spent nearly 10 years in the video game industry, and love the mental gymnastics people will go through to win, so this appeals to my inner gamer.

And as a marketer, I have to admire Starbucks for positioning their employees in positions of status.  Can you imagine McDonalds customers getting excited about being an honorary burger flipper?

Brilliant.  In fact, it’s perhaps the most brilliant of all of Starbucks’ brilliant moves.

See, keeping employees happy, engaged, and motivated is the backbone of every successful business.

By appealing to employees’ sense of self-worth, and paying an above average wage and benefits, Starbucks has been able to attract and retain a higher caliber of employee than many of their fast food competitors.

I spend at least an hour each day calling my sales reps and cheering them on.  It’s perhaps the most impactful hour of my day in terms of bottom-line  results.

So what are you doing to make your employees more engaged?

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