Insurance in the Yellow Pages

Insurance Sign

We help a lot of insurance agents find local customers, but many miss the most basic fundamentals of actually selling insurance.

Here’s a clue. . .

People are either SOLD insurance, or they BUY insurance.

People are SOLD insurance when a life insurance agent corners a lodge buddy outside the maternity ward and SELLS him a life policy so that Junior doesn’t have to pick potatoes if the old man dies.

On the other hand, when you buy something expensive, like a house, car, diamond ring, RV, or thoroughbred racehorse, you need to BUY insurance.

So if you’re going to run an ad in the Yellow Pages, newspaper, radio, billboard, or direct mail, focus on insurance that people want to BUY rather than the insurance that you want to SELL.

Design your ad to reach people who just bought something they’re fearful of losing:

  • new house
  • rental property
  • Car
  • motorcycle
  • ATV
  • scooter
  • jet ski
  • RV
  • livestock
  • diamonds
  • grand piano

Other times people are looking to buy insurance is when they are starting a new venture, leaving a job, or having a major lifestyle change.

  • catastrophic health insurance for someone starting a new business
  • retirement planning
  • nursing home insurance
  • foreign travel

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