The Best Yellow Pages Ad in America

Best Yellow Pages Ad

I just got back from an outstanding conference of the Association of Directory Publishers.  It was their 113th annual conference, which is pretty amazing.

The ad pictured above published in the Business Directories of Texas Rockwall directory was selected by the ADP members as the best Yellow Pages ad of the year.

It’s a good ad.  They’re a good, local publisher.

But will it drive business for the dentist?

Actually, it will drive business.  Quite a lot of it.

For all the wonderful aspects of social media, tweets, craigslist, Angie’s List, and so on, a well developed ad in a credible local directory still works.

So why do you think this ad was the winner?

Here’s a link to a larger version.

Congratulations to Paul and Gina Gray, owners of the Business Directories of Texas.  It’s quite an honor bestowed, and it couldn’t have gone to a more delightful couple.

  1. Michelle NicholsMarch 24,10

    Dick, Thanks for showing us the winner – and a Texan, hard to beat. Personally, I’m not crazy about the brown background, but it sure does help to see a great ad. Always something to learn, and you keep teaching us. Thanks!

  2. SamMarch 24,10

    It’s a good ad, the design is balanced, LOTS of smiling faces, the phone number is big & bold. The White knock-out effect with their logo draws attention & builds branding. I don’t care much for the font they used in the content & not counting the logo, there are at least 4 different fonts. I prefer to use no more than 3 different fonts if at all possible. Overall, I’m sure it will bring in a lot of business for them, although I’m not entirely convinced that it’s the best Yellow Pages ad in America.

  3. Chris Silver SmithMarch 25,10

    I have to say that I’m a bit underwhelmed by the ad.

    Yes, graphic-design-wise, the ad makes a positive impression upon a prospective consumer.

    Yet, I’m disappointed by the online representation of the ad. When I clicked through the link above, I found the ad in an online directory – it appears to be only a scanned image of a print ad, slapped into the online directory. All that text that’s embedded in the graphic image of that ad is not accessible to search engines in this format. The text needs to be provided on the webpage in HTML text as well, or else the page is far less findable in search engines.

    All the text in that graphic ad, such as: “fillings”, “crowns”, “dentures”, “porcelain veneers”, etc — is failing to benefit that business as well as it could be.

    I agree that this ad will convert consumers pretty effectively if they see it — but, in it’s current non-optimal format, consumers are much less likely to find it compared with other businesses in the same area which have ad content that’s more accessible to the spiders feeding into Google Maps.

  4. Dick LarkinApril 22,10

    Good point Chris.

    The scanned image was the best I could find.

    The winning ad in the local directory on glossy paper does “POP”

    I agree that using a print ad (even an award winning one) as on online strategy is much less effective.

    They need a separate online strategy with properly structured and formatted information.

    that’s why YOU ARE AWESOME in what you do. Understanding the medium is the first step to managing the results.

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