How to supercharge your marketing with a competition

Penny warsI received a flyer from our human resources department about a very fun way to raise money for charity.

Penny Wars.

Click here for the flyer.

The concept is simple:

Each department brings in a jar that they will fill up with pennies.

Each penny is worth 1 point.

Department with the most points wins. (Yawn)

But there’s a twist, and it’s the twist that makes it fun.

If you put a dime in the other department’s jar, it knocks off 10 points from their total.

Put in a nickle and it knocks off five points.

So not only do you have the fun a increasing your own score a penny at a time, but you can decrease your competition a nickel or dime at a time.

In a large environment (public auction / charity) with big egos, this could be done with $20, $50, and $100 dollar bills.

I care less about winning than not allowing someone to embarrass me by doing better.

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