Why Hometown Ad Copy Works

You Are Here“Hometown ad copy” means words or sometimes images in your ads that create a connection with people in the town you are targeting.

For example, if you want to build your business in Mason, Ohio (one of the 350 communities where we publish HomePages Directories), your ad should include copy that establishes a local connection.

  • Serving Mason for 20 years
  • Graduate of Mason HS, 1984
  • We live and work in Mason
  • Proud supporters of Mason Little League
  • Go Mason Comets!

The reason that hometown ad copy is effective is that it establishes common ground between the business and the consumer.

Common ground is the basis of trust, and trust is the basis of business.

So are you establishing common ground in your communications?

Better question . . .

HOW can you establish common ground in your communications?

Go forth and sell.

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