You want Wi-Fi with that?

mcdonalds wifiMcDonalds is now offering free WiFi at 11,500 of their 14,000 restaurants.  Previously, they were charging $2.95.

Smart move?

I think so.  it gives them an edge over any other restaurant that “might” have WiFi, and by making it free across the board, it helps establish them as a destination.

As a little kid growing up in a one well Indiana town (that did not have a McDonalds until long after I had graduated college), I recall our car trips with regular stops at McDonalds because they had bathrooms and were not jerks about us using them.

They also had cheap food, but I remember my parents packing soft drinks in a cooler and buying only the hamburgers and fries.  We’d eat outside so we could drink our own drinks.

Ah, the benefits of growing up poor !

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