I don't understand Twitter

“I must admit that I don’t fully understand Twitter. Not sure what a
convenience store could say in 140 characters that I might find

“2:37 AM – Armed Robber just left. Police in pursuit. Save $2 on Slim
Jim Sausages.”

My friend Paul Youlten wrote the follwoing to me:

I think that is because you aren’t a “lady-that-lunches”. Some examples:

Nail Salons:
in Portland

and in Texas

Day Spas:

in Colorado

and in Seattle

but my favourite is:

A baker in London – that’s a big town in the United Kingdom of England 😉

powered by:

“BakerTweet is a way for busy bakers to tell the world that something
hot and fresh has just come out of the oven. It’s as simple as turning
the dial and hitting the button. All of the baker’s followers get a
Twitter alert to tell them that it’s bun-time. Or bread time. Or

I guess some other more specialist food local businesses could make
similar use of Twitter – Fishmongers, for example, depend on selling
fresh produce and could use the same idea. But I think filling empty
appointment slots is a winner.


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