37% of Local Online Searchers Made In-Person Visit

A remarkable trend is developing between local Internet search and consumer buying behavior.

The searchers are coming in to the store.

That’s what recent research conducted by TMP Directional Marketing and comscore found.  That statistic was up 5 percentage points over the prior year.  Users of local search engines, at 46%, were most likely to head to the store after finding a local business.

So what does this tell us?

Get your information well indexed, make sure your online presence is complete, accurate, and visible.

Or be forever lost into the cloud.

The information people want is pretty standard, focused on available products, hours, and location.

tmp research on buying behavior

What this doesn’t really dive into is the impact on “customer location” service businesses such as plumbers, painters, landscapers, and so on.

Local search is not nearly as well developed in determining service areas for businesses operating out of a truck.

Consumer behavior following web search

The numbers are somewhat misleading regarding the importance of Internet Yellow Pages such as,, and our own because the traffic on these sites is so much lower than the general web search happening at Google and Bing.

Last week I helped a dentist claim his listing in the Google Local Business Center to load additional information, correct the address market, and upload photographs.  We’ve helped hundreds of small businesses do this.

It won’t replace the absolute need to have a complete marketing program including Yellow Pages advertising, but it will help plug a few holes.

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