How Many Thanksgiving Cards will you send?

Custom Billboard Greeting CardChristmas is card season.  I guess to be politically correct, the “Holiday Season” is card season.

I’ll receive dozens of cards that have been mass mailed, with address stickers, simply signed in haste by someone I’ve known, or done business with.


If you consider a Christmas err Holiday Card a litttle bit of marketing, or a minimum expectation, or a “deposit in the empotional bank account” you are deluding yourself.

It is none of these.

Be remarkable and send a personalized Thanksgiving card (or a Halloween card).

You’ll get attention and the benefit of surprise.

I use a card sending service provider to send personalized cards in my own handwriting.  Because if I sit down to write, my good intentions are abandoned before I get through the A’s on my list.

If you want an example of the cards I send, drop me a note at Dick [at] Dick Larkin [dot] com

Often, if I want a WOW factor, I’ll even put someone’s name on a billboard in the card, or have Harry Carry say something nice.

I am such a fan of this service, that I’ll give you a few cards to send out at my expense.  It’s my way of paying it forward.  Drop me an email, and I’ll send you the link.

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