Toastmasters is a Mojo Factory

Toastmasters LogoI was coaching a wonderful sales rep last week who had hit a rough patch. It concerned me, because she has all the attributes of a winner, very hard working, dedicated, enthusiastic, and smart.

But she was struggling in sales and was asking for help.

We spent about 20 minutes on the technical skills of how to uncover needs.

But technical skills weren’t the issue. She was missing her mojo.

Mojo is the confidence that makes a person persuasive.

It’s confidence, enthusiasm, and fearlessness.

But no one can give you mojo, you have to make your own.

I’ve gotten more mojo from my participation in Toastmasters than from any one other activity.

Toastmasters (despite the misleading name) is a nonprofit public speaking, confidence building, leadership training organization.

It’s where people intent on self-improvement gather to help themselves and help others become better presenters, and to stockpile mojo.

I can personally attribute more than two million dollars of earnings to the skills and mojo that I’ve gained from my participation in Toastmasters. And I’ve seen several others benefit dramatically.

If you want more mojo, and hey, who doesn’t, stop by a local Toastmasters meeting.

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