Why I Chose John Baethke to be My Plumber

We built a house a mile or so from Wrigley Field in Chicago two years ago. The builder did a great job, but there were a couple of issues with the plumbing.

So when looking for a plumber, I used the Google maps to find a plumber that was located close to our house. See, I’m a cheapskate, and driving costs money. All things being equally unknown, I want a guy who doesn’t have to drive very far, and I pretend to have noble intentions of keeping my dollars in the neighborhood.

Plumbers in Chicago

There were several plumbers listed , and I called three or four to ask about their business practices.

I chose John Baethke & Son Plumbing for an unusual reason.

I saw that John had a website built by a friend of mine.

John Baethke & Son Plumbing

It’s a nice looking website, and being a plumbing marketing geek, I snooped around and found that Market Hardware created the site. I really like Brian Kraff, the CEO of Market Hardware, and that make Baethke the front runner.

He is also a member of the Service Roundtable, a marketing organization run by another friend of mine, Matt Michel.

He’s a member of the PHCC, the Plumbing, Heating and Cooling Contractors Association, which has hired me to speak to their members.

Baethke’s woman on the phone sealed the deal with her professionalism.

One call, and John Baethke became my plumber.

We bought a service contract, and they’ve been back a number of times repairing some manufacturer’s equipment failures.

So when John is studying where his customers come from, how should he classify us?

We found the listing on Google (along with dozens of his competitors)

We saw his website (but others had good websites, too)

He got the business because I liked his choice in website builders, marketing associates, and PHCC membership.


The woman answering the phone was a sharp cookie who treated me with respect, got the information, and answered my questions.

Business is funny that way.

  1. Chris ReidenbaughSeptember 22,09


    Loved the article. You presented him with quite the analytical quandry in regards to how he classifies his new clients. We have noticed that local marketing for plumbers is working better when its targeted down to the finite levels and not as generalized. Although to come up with those results… You have to “get under the sink and inspect the pipes” pardon the corny phrase.

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