How Large Should Your Sign Be?

Hilton Las Vegas

A few years ago when we were building our dream home near Chicago’s Wrigley Field, we had to make a decision on the size of the garage.

The little cheapskate sitting on my left shoulder jabbed me with his little pitchfork and told me to save money and to be conservative.

The abundance angel sitting on my right shoulder was more profound.  He said,

Have you ever heard someone say that they wished they had a smaller garage?

Good point, Abundance Angel.

We built the garage as wide as it would go.  This is good, because in the winter, the alley leading into our garage looks like an urban episode of Ice Road Truckers.  Imagine a glacier lined with garage doors and garbage cans.

My wife’s car has a tendency to come to rest at odd angles in the garage, so that little extra space has probably saved us several scrapes.

Signs, Ads, and Billboards are like that garage.

It’s so difficult to go back and change the size once it’s built.

You’ll never hear a businessman wishing he had a smaller billboard, a less conspicuous sign, a lower traffic location, or a less prominent web presence.

How big should your sign be?

As big as the laws of physics allow.

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