How to sell 100 Full Page Ads in a Week

RestaurantRestaurants are the most frequently referenced local business.

That’s true for general web search, Internet Yellow Pages search, and for print Yellow Pages.

In fact, Restaurants are  referenced 120 million times more than the second most referenced heading (Physicians & Surgeons).

The problem with restaurants as advertisers is that the are notoriously difficult to sell ads to.

They have to serve a large number of customers to justify ANY advertising expense.  Also, the decision maker is often difficult to find.  So it’s a tough challenge serving restaurant owners.

Our bright VP of Sales came up with a promotion of an outrageously low price so that restaurants couldn’t say, “No.”

We’re charging $535 for an entire year for restaurant menu ads in any of the 300 HomePages community directories.

That’s generally about half (or less) than our normal rate for a full page.  Last week we announced it to the sales team (we have 185 sales reps), and we immediately sold 100 full page menu ads!

So big deal, right?

Actually, the reason we wanted restaurant menus was so that we would build usage and provide a lift to all of the other advertisers.

It’s a huge deal for the people in the smallish towns we serve, because they will have fingertip access to 10 or 20 local restaurant menus.  That’s a major convenience factor and a big driver of HomePages Directory use.

Our reps are thrilled, because nothing makes a happier rep than knocking out several easy sales that benefit the community.

The restaurants benefit because they have an opportunity to tell everyone in town about their menu offering.

Everybody wins.

Dang, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

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